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Integrating ISD in Processes & Tools of Production


Simple storyboards with standardized templates can add significant value to your projects when you have a number of CBT lessons to prepare. The "what" of production can be standardized. For example, We can integrate templates for types of interactions, standardize graphic sizes and placement, what feedback is to be provided, etc.

Advanced Storyboards

Larger projects will benefit by sophisticated storyboards. As with simple storyboards, we can standardize the "what" of production, but the greater power here comes from advising in the "how" to do things. For example, we can embed Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction in the storyboard templates to guide SMEs or novice designers in the development of instructional transactions.

Integrated Processes

Clear, timely communication prevents lots of problems. Simple sites can be built - with or without web servers - to support the performance of your development group. New employee orientation, access to the most current standards, or check sheets for process completion can easily be added to get team members up to speed quickly and to keep everyone focused on the same goals.

Home : View Projects : Sharing Information / Integrating ISD