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Learning Management Systems

Buy or Build

There are many options on the market but the deciding factors are your needs. What do you need from the system? Do you need to track the level of mastery with specific objectives or is it sufficient for you to report on lessons a student has taken? Do students need specific training automatically tailored to job positions? How many concurrent students will you need to support? Will you need to be SCORM conformant? Will you be making your own courseware to add to the LMS? What databases will you use? The list continues and we can help organize the decision.

Build Your Own

The number of software development projects that fail is disheartening, but that doesn't mean your project needs to fail. By using a software development process, which is amazingly similar to the ISD process, you can significantly improve the chances that your software investment will meet your goals. We can help prepare a software design document that our contacts can program to satisfy the most demanding software designs.

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