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Performance Interventions

Human Performance Technologies

We use the HPT approach promoted by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). We view organizations as systems and performance improvement is to be achieved through a problem-solving approach to implement the best interventions. While there are many potential interventions that can improve the performance of individuals and of organizations, we focus on interventions dealing with computer-mediated learning environments. In particular, we look at the teams that produce courseware and maintain learning environments.

Courseware Development Interventions

Interventions can include employee selection, new-employee orientation, published standards, writing-style guides, and good old fashioned feedback to make sure the employee is doing the right things. Also, check-sheets are a simple way to make sure that training products are not passed on down the production line with problems that will snowball. We attempt to build performance support into all tools and processes to align the needs of the learner, the organization producing the training, and the organization needing the performance improvement.

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