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We're About Performance

We are concerned with the results of improved performance. Whether the performance you need is an affordable product delivered under a tight schedule, learning environments that are enjoyable and effective at transferring knowledge, or an organization that works faster for less cost, we are ready to help find your solution.

We're Focused on Your Needs

We focus on the results you need. Every solution requires a unique balance of resources to achieve successful project completion. We will work with you to find the best balance of budget, schedule, and quality to help you achieve great success.

Every solution must be adapted to the environment it is to affect. We will work with you to choose a balance between rapid progress and an affordable intervention that your organization's culture can accept.

We're Committed to Your Satisfaction

Truly, we're not happy if you're not happy. We know our continuing existence is based on your satisfaction. The stress of this profession is only worthwhile to us if we have the opportunity to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

We're Affordable

Tight budgets are the norm now and we are structured to get you quality work at low cost. We will work on an hourly basis, a fixed cost basis, or some combination depending on how clearly the project is defined. Hourly rates vary from $35 per hour to $80 per hour. We work hard to be fair to you. We will keep you involved throughout the entire project duration to eliminate big surprises.

We're Craftsman

The primary reason Integrated Knowledge Solutions exists is to meet the needs of those who share our passion for creating learning environments that keep students engaged and learning. Of course, not all problems require learning. Fortunately we also enjoy creating many different solutions for improving the performance of individuals and organizations.

We practice the art & the science of instructional design. We combine proven approaches from the human performance and the software development industries to supply you with a principle-based approach for creating learning environments. We maximize the leverage offered by these technologies.

We Use Professional Development Tools

We use tools such as Authorware, Flash, DreamWeaver, and Visual Basic to develop solutions. We work with applications such as Access, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook just to name a few. Primarily we work on Windows platforms but we enjoy using a Mac, Unix, or mainframe systems to enhance learning.

We're Connected

We are a small company but we are rich in resources. We maintain connections with other highly-skilled craftsman so that we may provide effective, creative, and innovative solutions. The people we work with are passionate about their work and they will do amazing things to get the job done right.

Home : How We Work